Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Morning Window

For the last two weeks it has been over 100 degrees everyday, finally relief. This morning I sit at my window, almost with a little chill as the cool breeze is blowing in and running the fan for free. Early morning is one of my favorite times of the day. The livestock is just starting to wake up, a few will wonder out to graze, some are just content to lay and chew yesterdays cud and no one is expecting anything from me, I can just "be".
The early birds are up.. chattering away, probably some feathered wife yelling at her man to go get those babies food. Then there is my little sparrow friend, who dust bathes every morning in the same spot.. yesterday he brought a dozen friends.. they hopped and rolled.. fluttered their feathers.. for what seemed like forever. This morning my 100 pound puppy, Jack had found a rag I was using the other day and didn't bring in.. he was romping like the fool.. throwing it up in the air.. then doing a few back-flips for fun.. he is such a goofball and has no clue how big he is.
All this beauty, such the contrast for the last few days of pain hurt and suffering our little finn ram lamb, Tommy endured. You see the little pig was having a grand time.. found himself a 5lb bag of horse, apple & carrot treats. And ultimately ate himself to death. Odd thing is, I don't have any horses, I bought the treats because they smelled so good.. they didn't have a bunch of junk in them and I thought they would be tasty, healthy treats.
Even with all the hurt, I learned so very much.. as I try to do with each thing that happens around here. Instead of morning Tommy, I choose to thank him for the many lessons he taught me.. and will think of him often. He started out as a non-human, stay out in the field, to a follow on my heels, soft fluffy buddy. I know that is a no,no with a ram.. But it was nice to be idolized for a while.


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  1. What a special treat you wake up to and have the good sense to stop for a moment to enjoy. If only we could take a lesson from your peace and tranquility; I am going to try to do just that. What a gift Tommy gave you! How much love can one heart hold? Beyond imagination and numbers, I hope. So,keep filling your heart, sweet blessed lady. You give my hope and love everyday, and I hope you feel the love I send back to you and your family each day as well. I cherish your stories, your heart, and your spirit. With love, "Sandy"