Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the Fiber results are?????

Well, Hope you enjoy the little video of the beautiful fibers.  The colors in still pictures just didnt come through like they did with the video.   I "re-cooked" about 6 of the colors that didnt initially exgaust and added just a little more vinegar to the dye bath.  The remaining un-exhausted jars I added just a bit more dye and vinegar and re-cooked.  My next try will be with the Country Classic Dyes.  I am super pleased with the colors of the Jacquard but am concerned that either I'm not doing something correctly or there are certain dyes that are a bit more work. 
BTW the Emerald dyed fiber turned out to be a lot more work that I had expected.  As you can see from the picture I posted the initial dye bath not only did not exhaust but the water is very Blue. 

I thought  possibly I had not mixed the Emerald dye correctly so I emptied the jar, Remixed the dye and Vinegar and Water, Cooked the required time and left to sit with the others overnight.  This one color contimued to not only exhaust completely but when rinsing out the fiber I had a devil of a time with getting clear water.  I rinsed for at least 10 minutes.  I then read a bit to see if I needed to do something else, contacted another fiberholic to get some advice (thankd Beth) tried rinsing again in cold water for about 5 minutes...continually changing the rinse water  and when there was just a tint of blue water I called it quits!!!.  I let the fiber dry... Unfortunately all that rinsing also caused the fiber to felt some.  UGH.... Well out came the Hackles hubby made and just the outer fibers of the 'roll' were felted so I was able to seperate.  UNFORTUNATELY while working to unfelt this stuff my hands turned blue as they dye was still not completely out.  So now what??? Well, my next step will be to soak gently in Washing Soda and try the rinsing process again.  This time definately no agitation.  So enough fiber dyeing for now.

Tonite I spun about 350 yards of Quivit on my  little electric Hansen wheel.  Each year when I visit the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival I purchase a little of this precious fiber.  I think I will ply it with silk to stretch the yardage a little.  I would like to just save this yardage for a bit longer and see if I can continue to add a bit more after the New York - Rhinebeck festival.
Well, so much for my fiber filled weekend.  Hope all had a wonderful one also.  Until next time.....

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